Creative Concept

Public or private channels can include topics on different themes. Types of content can include live, content on demand, podcasts etc. and formats include video, audio and text data. Contemporary themes and topics examples with strong health messaging are demonstrated in “What are they thinking?” below.


Smart Chaos Media will transform the way healthcare is disseminated in Africa by offering an innovative m-Health (mobile health) solution that delivers health education and virtual healthcare services via the internet using mobile technology.


The platform will offer personalized access to curated, vetted and relevant content, while users can also share confidential information and experiences utilising secure block chain technology without being compromised.

Disruptive Advantage

Where traditional health education is virtually non-existent and universal healthcare has proven difficult to achieve, the Smart Chaos intends to narrow this health gap through digital inclusion and complement the UN’s SD Goals.

Our Technology

Smart Chaos’ back-end technology manages the subscriber (individual and enterprise) database and digital assets for delivery via an app or web browser.  It seamlessly manages content across multiple channels using a fully integrated content management system.

Enterprise Interventions

We produce Health and Wellness Education programmes for workplace and community spaces that integrates the 8 facets of wellness into existing or new interventions according to client’s needs.

Health and Wellness Educational programmes have built-in interactive tools to measure levels of improvement and adoption.

What are they Thinking?

Sport and Tourism

Super Foods

Healthy Discourse

Social Projects